Can the five Clans defeat the Dark Forest once more?

The Admins:

Moonwillow~ Site Owner
Terrorstar~ Administrator
Frostfern~ Administrator
Swiftheart~ Administrator


~ Swearing and spamming is not allowed; members who do so will be removed immediately

~ Do not roleplay your cat until it has been added

~ You may have up to seven kits per litter, one pair of mates may have up to four litters

~ You may have three high positions in the Clans- I'd appreciate it if you had one of each position, and not in the same Clan

~ Medicine cats may only have mates and kits if it is a "forbidden love", it may not be regarded as "completely normal"

~ No detailed matings

~Do not raid another clans territory without permission from your leader or deputy

~ Obey the site owner, admins, and mods

~ If your cat is wounded and the medicine cat and/or medicine cat apprentice is not available, please do not have anyone else tend to them

~ Do not do major roleplays such as "forbidden love", or "a new prophecy", unless the site owner and head administrator are aware of it

~ Admins may not copy anything from other sites unless they have permission from me (Moonwillow) and the site owner of that site

~ No impersonating members or hacking into their accounts

~ If there is a major prophecy going on, please do not immediately start roleplaying a so-called "Savior". An admin or myself (Moonwillow) will notify you if they think your cat is suitable for the position

~ Only advertise your websites if you have permission from myself (Moonwillow) or the head administrator

~ Only medicine cats and leaders may visit the Moonpool. Leaders may be accompanied by apprentices and their mentors, but they may only come if the leader requests it

~ Members who roleplay medicine cats should know at least three herbs and their uses

~ Administrators must have read at least the first three books of the first Warriors series

~ Leaders, deputies, and medicine cats must be on frequently

~ Clan pages will be updated every other Thursday; which means apprentices will become warriors, and kits will become apprentices

~ If a leader is not on to perform a ceremony, the deputy will have permission to perform it. If neither are available, an admin may roleplay the leader, but only, and I repeat, ONLY for ceremonies

~ Gatherings and Moonpool meetings will start on Monday at 5 PM Central Time and last for a week, ending exactly at 5 PM Central Time the next Monday

~ Do not place other members' cats in a certain place unless you have permission from that member